Why Choose Expression City’s Music and Dance Academy

Celebrated choreographer Agnes de Mille once said, “The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music.” We couldn’t agree more! In fact, we created our Music and Dance Academy to provide education, training and performance opportunities that empower creative expression and growth. Here’s how.

A Welcoming Environment

We consider Expression City a home for children and adults across middle Tennessee to grow as artists. Perhaps it feels that way because our Music and Dance Academy was created for families just like ours and continues to be run by family. Our number one goal is to be a place where students can truly be themselves and thrive in their chosen craft with the support and encouragement they deserve.

Skilled Instructors

This isn’t just a job for our instructors; it’s a way of life. Many of them are working professionals with real-life experience in what it takes to be ‘in the business.’ In dance, we offer recreational and pre-professional classes in ballet, dance technique, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. In music, you’ll find private and group classes along with numerous performance and recording opportunities in the areas of voice, piano, guitar, strings and percussion. In both music and dance, students learn the business of performing arts as well.

Our Alumnae are the Proof

We hear about the positive impact of our Music and Dance Academy on students (and their families) all the time and it warms our heart to be part of their journey. But perhaps the greatest accolades come from our alumnae. Seeing so many of them go on to be successful as working professionals in performing arts tells us that we are on the right path with the education and training we offer.

Beyond Our Music and Dance Academy

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that performers crave community. Not just in one craft, but with others as well. It’s this kinship and support that inspires, helps us to push our limits and to feel comfortable in the journey to our true calling. This is perhaps what’s most unique about Expression City; we offer all the performing arts under one roof. Here, students have the opportunity to not only explore individual tracks and skill sets, but also develop a more holistic skill base that encompasses dance, music, acting, circus and more.

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