Homeschool Performing Arts Academy


Expression City Performing Arts Academy is a home-school-based specialty school serving students ages 10 and up in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee. We offer one- to four-year programs in four unique conservatories with multiple focus areas from which to choose in each division.


Theatre Arts The Academy Theatre Arts Division is designed for students who are serious about achieving mastery in their craft. Students will develop their skills in all aspects of theatre and may choose from a variety of focus areas, which include Musical Theatre, Film Acting, and Design and Production. The program will present various performances each year, giving students a chance to explore a variety of roles.

Music Expression City’s Music Division provides students with top pre-professional instruction, offering private and group classes along with numerous performance and recording opportunities. Focus areas include voice, piano, guitar, strings, and percussion with choices in classical and contemporary.

Dance Our Dance Division is a pre-professional training program based on proper technique and includes ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and character dance. Students majoring in dance will be engaged in working with communities in need, while learning dance therapy, teaching special needs children, and engaging the elderly.

Comparative Arts The Comparative Arts Division is for students who want to study more than one art form. Students will explore the interdisciplinary relationship between all art forms and how people have come to understand and describe their world and will put together unique, original pieces. All students will study Comparative Arts their first two years at the Academy.


We cater to creatives who want more focused study in their individual interests. Our students will:

*Spend 14 intensive hours per week pursuing artistic excellence

*Cultivate critical thinking and aesthetic awareness

*Explore the creative process from original idea to completion

*Develop their skills through self-directed and collaborative projects


Students will meet for classes Tuesday – Friday from 12:00 pm – 3:15 pm, where we will take college level textbooks and break them down for middle and high school students.

To receive details on Expression City Performing Arts Academy, please visit our web pageĀ here.
You may also contact us here or call (615) 678-4739.