All New Revamped Homeschool Performing Arts Academy


Expression City is making it more accessible for you!

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The first 8-week series of our revamped program is:

April 1st – May 21st


We Cater to Creatives

If you feel like traditional school and your child go together like oil and water, you’re in the right place. We’ve been where you are. In fact, our founder and Executive Director, Allison Barberi, was in this exact position while guiding her children — who are now professional actors, dancers, and performing artists — in their journey. Our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy is a homeschool-based specialty school serving and guiding students ages 3 -18 in acting, dance, music and comparative arts.

Learn »

Cultivate artistic excellence, critical thinking skills, inventiveness and cultural awareness.

Perform »

Accelerate learning and engage with professionals through unique performance opportunities.

Grow »

Develop your skills through self-directed and collaborative projects in a safe and inspiring environment.

Four Uniquely Focused Conservatories

Together we can help your child succeed in what they love to do, even if it’s multiple art forms. We offer focused study in the arts with classes in four unique conservatories for students ages 6 and up, as well as a Music and Movement class for ages 3 to 5.

Acting & Musical Theatre

To achieve mastery in their craft, students develop skills in all aspects of theatre and may choose from focus areas including musical theatre, film acting, and design and production. Students are exposed to college-level performing arts courses, which are made accessible to middle and high school students. We have multiple performances each year, giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of roles.


Expression City’s pre-professional music program is an immersive experience in both creating music, as well as understanding the ins and outs of the music industry. Students participate in private and group lessons, live performances, and recording opportunities throughout the year and learn everything from music theory and songwriting to performing individually and as an ensemble. Focus areas include voice, piano, guitar, strings and percussion with choices in classical and contemporary.


Our dance division is a pre-professional training program that teaches the proper technique needed for various styles of dance, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and character dance. In addition to structured classes at our studio, students also give back to their communities through dance therapy, teaching special needs children, and engaging the elderly.

Comparative Arts

For students interested in more than one art form, our comparative arts division explores the interdisciplinary relationship among them all. Students develop critical thinking skills, explore innovative ideas, and better understand how to express themselves creatively by developing unique, original pieces throughout the year. All students will study Comparative Arts during their first two years.

Expression City has been an amazing fit.

“Honestly, we hadn’t found a good fit out of all the schools that we tried. Expression City has been an amazing fit. Everything has gone so well and he has enjoyed it so much. More than anything, he is succeeding here.”

– Melody A.

My favorite part of the Academy is...

“My favorite part of the Academy is all the bonding that we do.The Academy has helped me academically,my dance technique is better, and my acting skills are better.” 

– Grayson

The reason I love teaching the Academy students so much is...

“The reason I love teaching the Academy students so much is that they show up and they work. They show up ready to learn more and they put effort into what they’re learning and what I’ve been teaching them. As a result, I’ve been able to push them in different directions and have seen a lot of exponential growth in their musical abilities and their personal interactions with people.”

–  Marty

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