Dance to Our Tune

Fitness, confidence, self-expression, focus, teamwork, friendship — the benefits of dance are as limitless as our class options! With recreational and pre-professional classes, including in the afternoon and evenings, students are sure to find their fit regardless of their age or experience level.

Meet Our Talented Instructors

Ileen Gruchot
Favorite Quote
“And David danced before the Lord with all his might.”

Hidden Talent
I can snap with my toes.

Aimee Patrick

Dance Instructor

Aimee has taught dance at Expression City since 2017. A former dancer and choreographer for Walt Disney World, she’s also performed on television, in national tours, music videos, commercials and stage. Aimee also represented the United States in the World Dance Competition in London, England and was Grand Champion of the Dance Masters competition. She received scholarships to train with the San Francisco Ballet and Houston Ballet and is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique.

In her free time Aimee loves to travel to other countries to enjoy the culture and the arts. She’s involved in church, women’s ministry and bible studies and has three children. Aimee loves the dedication and great attitudes of the students and staff at Expressions City.

“If you want a career or just really love theater arts, Expression City is a great place to become a well-rounded performer. Our students are full of passion for their art. Expect to be loved, nurtured, encouraged and to work hard to become the best you can be here.”
Ileen Gruchot

Meredith Combs

Dance & Aerial Instructor

Meredith, who’s been with Expression City since 2018, has multiple teaching roles. She’s a Certified Arial Instructor (CAI) teaching aerial skills and lyra, as well as contemporary and jazz dance for the Homeschool Performing Arts Academy students.

Meredith enjoys hanging out with her puppies during her free time. What she loves most about working at Expression City is helping students to reach whatever level of success they aim for!

“We have a wide range of options for training at a very reasonable rate; I train here too for aerial! It’s such as supportive community and I appreciate that all aerial instructors are certified. It gives me peace of mind.”

Ballet, Jazz, Dance Technique & Stamina

These classes are available for ages 10 and up through our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy, a program for students who are dedicated to their craft.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in all dance styles, including Song and Dance Combo.

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