Shining the Spotlight on ALL Your Options for Performing Arts Jobs

When most people think about careers in the performing arts, they imagine selling out arena concerts, being on a Broadway stage, or nailing that Oscar-worthy role. That’s why you might see your child’s interest in performing arts as a great hobby, but likely nothing more. After all, making it big is rare, right? That actually depends on your definition. In fact, there are more performing arts jobs than you may imagine. Learn about options and how to help your child succeed here.

Performing Arts Job Options

Sure, the spotlight is on the star, but for every singer, musician, actor, or dancer on stage, there are many behind-the-scenes people that get them there. These jobs are just as crucial to the performance and can be just as rewarding. Performing arts jobs include:

  • Talent Scouting – Discover talent and help to develop the careers of these artists.
  • Talent Management – Represent artists, manage their careers, and promote them to record labels, production companies, and theaters.
  • Event Management – This could be anything from venue managers to booking and ticketing staff to security to sound or lighting technicians to stage manager or crew to ushers to sponsorship sales and more.
  • Creative Roles – Think writing, composing, directing, design, producing, choreography, and more. But this could also include marketing such as liaising with the media, writing content for publicity materials, communicating via social media, email, and online to promote events and organize promotions.

Of course, we can’t leave out training – that’s what we do at Expression City after all! We think there’s no more rewarding performing arts career than to help aspiring artists hone their craft in music, dance, acting and musical theatre, and even circus arts.

Success in Performing Arts Careers

Regardless of which path your child takes – off or on-stage – know that the performing arts industry is one of the most competitive. They’ll need passion, dedication, and drive; thick skin helps too!

A solid educational foundation is necessary for success. Some performing arts careers will require a formal college education, while others will benefit from acting, music, dance, or voice training. Rarely is natural talent alone the key to success.

We believe the earlier you start building that foundation, the better. That’s why in addition to our recreational classes, we also offer our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy. The academy serves students ages 10-18 with one- to four-year programs in four uniquely focused conservatories – acting, dance, music, and comparative arts – where your child will:

  • Learn – Artistic excellence, critical thinking skills, inventiveness, and cultural awareness.
  • Perform – A range of performance opportunities and the ability to receive in-person feedback from industry professionals and develop performance reel and/or portfolio.
  • Grow – Through self-directed and collaborative projects in a safe, inspiring environment that caters to creatives.

With a year-round schedule that’s organized into nine-week quarters, separated by three-week breaks called intersessions, it’s a wonderful foundation to help prepare your child for success in a performing arts career. In fact, our founder and Executive Director, Allison Barberi, started our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy for her children, who are now professional actors, dancers, and performing artists!

Learn more about our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy or register for after-school classes as well as camps today.