Private Acting Classes

Private Acting Classes

Helping ages 6 & up reach their potential.

It’s true that there’s no business like show business, which is exactly why proper training is key. That “it” factor rarely just happens. Mastery of the craft is a mix of confidence, preparation, technique and performance skills. Private acting classes at Expression City can give acting students a leg up.

What to Expect

Here you’ll find experienced instructors, many of whom are working professionals with real-life experience in both the art and the business of acting. Students will learn different techniques which will allow them to become familiar with both the practical and technical aspects of acting while experiencing how to truly embody the spirit and personalities of characters in a variety of roles.

What’s more, students will have multiple opportunities to perform in our Roy E. Barberi Theatre. This intimate, upscale performance space features state-of-the-art technology, backline gear and video as well as range of amenities to maximize the learning experience.

Benefits of Private Acting Lessons

Talent can take you places, but it’s helping our students hone their soft skills that can make them showstoppers. In fact, that’s a part of what makes Expression City so different. Our students also benefit from:

  • More confidence
  • Team building skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Improved discipline and focus

All of which can help you prepare for auditions, performances and really, any aspect of life and business!

A Home for Creatives

But at the end of the day, we don’t just offer classes. We truly consider this a home for children and adults across middle Tennessee to grow as artists. Perhaps because Expression City was created for families just like ours and continues to be run by family, we’re committed to providing an environment where students can truly be themselves and thrive in their craft with the support and encouragement they deserve.