How Private Dance Lessons Can Benefit You

Turns out, dancing isn’t just fun. There are a number of benefits that will get your mind and body in step. We offer private dance lessons in all styles, including song and dance combo, and know precisely how empowering it can be to make your move. Follow our lead to learn all private dance lessons can offer for adults and kids.

8 Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

Whether you’re new to dance or bust a move on the regular, the benefits of private dance lessons include:

  1. Improved Fitness – Dancing is an aerobic exercise, which makes it an ideal way to get the blood flowing, increase stamina, keep your muscles toned, and help you maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Improved Flexibility and Coordination – Dance lessons can improve your balance, help you become more flexible, have greater range of motion, and can even correct poor posture.
  3. Brain Health – Your feet are far from your head, but learning choreography and keeping time with the music is a great exercise for your brain too, particularly your memory muscles.
  4. Better GradesResearch has found that those who participate in dance earn higher GPAs than non-dancers and have consistently higher test scores.
  5. Stress Relief – Who doesn’t smile when moving to the beat of their favorite song? Dancing releases endorphins in the brain that can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  6. Social Skills – Dancing is not only an aerobic activity; it’s a social one as well. It’s a great way to make new friends as well as to improve social and communication skills.
  7. Improved Confidence – Learning to dance can foster a sense of achievement, which builds confidence and helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  8. A Way to Express Yourself – This is important for anyone, but especially kids, as they are growing into their personalities and trying to find their niche. Dance provides an outlet to get creative and be themselves.

Private Dance Lessons at Expression City

From pre-professional to recreational options where you’ll learn fundamental skills and basic techniques, we offer private dance lessons personalized to your needs and goals. Our instructors are talented and have real-life experience in what it takes to be ‘in the business’ as many of them are working professionals.

Whether it’s jazz, ballet, hip hop, or another style, here you’ll grow as a dancer in a non-judgmental space where you can be comfortable and have fun. You’ll have numerous performance opportunities as well!

Choose from weekly, one-on-one instruction in 30- or 60-minute sessions. Afternoon and evening options are available. Learn more about our dance programs or book a private dance lesson today!