Here’s How Expression City Bridges the Performing Arts Education Gap

With Traditional Schools Focusing Less and Less on Performing Arts Education, Expression City Provides a Home for the Creatively Inclined

You’d be hard pressed to find a parent who doesn’t groan upon hearing the words, “Common Core” referenced in their child’s school. Mostly because the approach to learning is mystifying, but also because certain subjects are prioritized at the peril of arts education. Common Core is certainly not the only factor in the decline of arts education; there are also other programs that emphasize standardized testing, not to mention budget cuts and the fact that the arts aren’t always seen as essential in education – although their benefits show otherwise. So, what’s a parent to do for their creatively inclined child? Here’s how we’re bridging the gap in performing arts education.

The Benefits of Performing Arts Education

First, let’s clear up any doubt regarding the benefits of performing arts education. In fact, numerous research studies have shown that the arts are integral to in a well-rounded education and can actually help improve proficiency in academic performance overall.  Our previous blog goes into more detail on the specific benefits of performing arts education. They include:

  • Empowering Self-Expression
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Ability to Think Creatively
  • Increased Confidence
  • More Discipline and Motivation
  • Ability to Work as a Team
  • Gaining Life Skills like Resiliency and Introspection

What’s more, performing arts education can help in the competitive college application process. With students needing an edge, even with stellar academics, experience in performing arts can help them stand out by showing their character, drive and capabilities often better than GPA can.

Our After-School Classes & Homeschool Performing Arts Academy Fill the Creative Void

If your child has struggled in traditional school and/or has particular interest in the arts that’s not currently being fulfilled, there are alternatives. In fact, our founder and Executive Director, Allison Barberi, faced the challenges that a lack of performing arts education in traditional schools created too. It’s what inspired her to start our homeschool-based Performing Arts Academy for her kids who are now professional actors, dancers, and performing artists.

We serve students ages 10-18 with one- to four-year programs in four uniquely focused conservatories – acting, dance, music and comparative arts. Here, your child can:

  • Learn – Artistic excellence, critical thinking skills, inventiveness and cultural awareness.
  • Perform – A range of performance opportunities and the ability to receive in-person feedback from industry professionals as well as to develop performance reel and/or portfolio.
  • Grow – Through self-directed and collaborative projects in a safe, inspiring environment that caters to creatives.

What You Can Expect at Expression City

Our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy features a year-round schedule from July to June that’s organized into nine-week quarters, separated by three-week breaks called intersessions. You child will attend the same number of days as a traditional school schedule, and we do our best to follow the Williamson County Schools academic calendar. Students also have the opportunity to fill intersessions with master classes, evening recreational classes, focused project work or focused academic study for added flexibility.

If you’re not quite ready for our academy or just want to supplement your child’s traditional education with performing arts classes, you can also sign up for our after-school music, dance, theatre and circus classes and performing arts camps.

Interested in performing arts education at Expression City? Learn more about our Homeschool Performing Arts Academy or register for after-school classes or camps today.