3 Reasons Why Expression City Outshines the Rest

Nashville is an extremely concentrated area when it comes to performing arts. There are endless options and often times, it’s overwhelming to know where to start! Let me give you a hint…… start with us. Everyone says that, but hear me out! I have 3 good reasons why Expression City is the place to be.

We Are Family Oriented.

Let me give you some backstory. Almost 3 years ago the owners, Roy and Allison Barberi, had an idea to create a place where people can come together with a common goal. A place where families can meet and create a community. Not only has that remained our number one goal, Expression City is run by family. With all of this in mind, we realized that it is financially stressful to try to enroll your whole family, so we created a family discount for people who have multiples in classes.

We Are The Nashville Circus Center!

This is such an exciting part of Expression City and a lot of people don’t realize that we are related. Nashville Circus Center allows us to have the top in the industry come teach classes like Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Lyra, and even Circus Stars for the younger aspiring performers!

Performing Arts Academy

Expression City offers a 4-year program to prepare students for college level Performing Arts courses and careers in the field. We do this by hiring teachers that have real life experience and knows what it takes to be in the business. Students will learn everything from stage management to songwriting and are given real life scenarios to learn the business of performing arts as well.

What would you like to see next? If you are a student, comment and let us know how you feel about the classes you’re enrolled in!