What to Expect During Your Acting Audition

You’ve gotten your first acting audition! You’re excited, nervous, and have no idea what to expect. We get it! And also, know that while the audition process can be daunting, success can lead to your first role and then another and another until the next thing you know, you’re a professional working actor. So, you must be ready for this opportunity. Here’s how.

Who Will Be at Your Acting Audition

Typically, you can expect to audition in front of the casting director and perhaps a producer, although there could be others. For example, if it’s a commercial, there might also be a representative from the advertiser present. In the case of a musical, there could be a dance choreographer or a musical director at the audition.

There may also be someone in the room to tape the audition and a person to read with you in some cases.

The Material

Again, this will depend on what you’re auditioning for. However, typically it’s a one- to a three-page scene that features your character and may include a short description of the character. But whether it’s a monologue, a song, or cue cards, be prepared for the possibility of the casting director asking you to do something different with the character or even have you read an entirely different part cold.

The Process

You’ll be sent the location and time and on the day of the audition, prepare to arrive early. It’s important to be flexible and patient as you may walk right into your audition, or you may have to wait quite some time; it just depends on how they’ve scheduled them. While waiting, you may be in a room filled with your competition, which can be nerve-wracking in and of itself, but try to stay focused.

When you’re up, they’ll call you into the room, make short introductions, and the audition begins. Don’t worry about the duration; that’s not always an indicator of whether you nailed it or not. After, don’t expect that you’ll know right away if you’ve earned a callback. It can happen, but most often, it takes days or weeks to hear.

Preparing for Your Acting Audition

Yes, acting is a creative process, but the audition is not something you can wing. To improve your chances for success, here’s how to prepare:

  • Practice, practice, and practice some more – You must know your material like the back of your hand because the more comfortable you are with it, the better you’ll feel in the audition room. What’s more, if they do ask you to change something up, you’ll be able to focus on that direction and not on the lines themselves.
  • Have confidence – Yes, it’s easier said than done in an intimidating situation like this. But simple things like holding your head high, having good posture, and minding your body language (no crossed arms) is important. Answer questions thoughtfully and honestly, and don’t be afraid to ask a quick question or two if it pertains to your scene.
  • Look your best – It’s not about having an expensive new look. Instead, make sure you are well put together with color choices that complement your hair, skin tone, and eyes. Avoid clothing with large patterns and wild colors; you want your face to shine and be the focal point. And smile!
  • Be respectful and concise – Casting directors see hundreds of people a day, and they have no time for small talk nor any tolerance for someone making their job even harder by being late or unfocused. That said, being friendly, open to direction, and simply thanking everyone for their time can go a long way.

Acting Audition Coaching

What better way to learn the ropes of the audition process than from professional working actors who navigate it themselves? That’s what you’ll find in audition taping and private coaching services at Expression City. Our instructors have invaluable real-world experience to help you with:

  • Monologue preparation
  • Self-taping techniques
  • Audition preparation
  • Individualized custom coaching

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