What to Expect at Homeschool Performing Arts Academy: Year 2

We are so excited to begin our second year at the Academy! There have been a lot of questions on what to expect this year, so I wanted to take a minute to provide some answers.

Like last year, classes will be held Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-3:15pm (with the exception of Wednesday which will stay until 4:15pm. However, we have added some new classes!

We are excited to introduce Beatmaking Lab. In this course, Marty Lamain will introduce students to the use of a DAW, specifically Garageband. Students will learn the creation of beat loops, MIDI, song structure with an arrange window, and the basics of track production. The goal is to give students a taste of what it is actually like to write their own music.

Another great addition to the schedule is Intro to Technical Theatre. Instructor Cecilia Lighthall gives us an overview, “The goal with this class is to provide an overview of the different aspects of Technical Theatre and Design. This will include the different design elements- scenic, lighting, sound, props, makeup, and hair. We will also have an Intro to Stage Management and other elements of the production other than performance”.

In Concept to Curtain, Curtis LeMoine will lead students to incorporate multiple areas that they have studied over the course of the year/semester: playwriting, acting, scenic design, and marketing. They each take what they’ve learned and create a short play with a monologue to perform. In addition, students create a ground plan and rendering for the overall design of the show. Finally, they will market their show.

To learn more about Expression City Performing Arts Academy, visit here.

Classes start next week! What would you like to see from The Academy in the future? Post all of your comments and questions in the comment section below!