Make Art Not War: 3 Benefits of Being Artistic

Have you ever thought about the stresses of daily life, then wish you had some kind of outlet that could help reduce that stress? Did you know that creative expression has proven to reduce stress and improve your mental and physical state? Art Therapy was actually discovered in the 1940’s and has been a growing industry ever since!

There have been many major studies of the effects of artistic expression on the mind, and they all have come to the agreement on a few key facts:

  1. Art benefits your ability to be self aware. Creativity forces us to make decisions. As we make creativity a habit, we start to realize our own personal patterns, impulses, and desires.
  2. Stress relief.  Art is like meditation. It makes us use our hands and mind in a fun way. Anything that brings us happiness reduces stress and increases our quality of life.
  3. You gain a sense of community. Being artistic makes us want to connect with others that have the same interests and passions. When we do this, we start to build on that relationship. We ask for feedback and ideas, and even learn from each other.

Expression City was built on the understanding that people as individuals need to be able to create. We offer many ways to do this, but one of them is our Art Journaling class. Art Journaling is combining words and art to express yourself. This art class offers  students the opportunity to explore mixed media while personalizing their projects. It is a wonderful outlet for highlighting milestones, intimating thoughts and dreams, and taking the month’s layout into your own unique and personal direction. The picture shown above is just one example of an art journaling project.

The Fall Semester starts on August 6th, 2018. Sign up for Art Journaling to experience what it’s like to have a creative outlet!