How to Prepare for a Musical Performance

Rumor has it that John Legend eats half a rotisserie chicken before a musical performance. Beyonce spends an hour in a massage chair, Members of Mumford & Sons burn Palo Santo wood to clear bad energy, and Lorde takes a nap with her lucky blanket. While we’re sure this isn’t the full extent of these performers’ preparation, it shows that even the best, the most famous, and the most experienced know better than going on stage completely cold. You have to be mentally and physically ready to confidently bring down the house with a performance your audience will love and in which you can be proud. Clearly, that routine can encompass different things for different people. However, here are our top tips to prepare for a musical performance.

Mental Preparation for a Musical Performance

We’d argue that being mentally prepared for a musical performance is just as important as physical preparation. To get in the right headspace, we recommend:

Self-motivation – Ultimately, you are your number one supporter. You have the power to train your mind, to believe in your success with positive thoughts for a fantastic musical performance, and the ability to handle anything unexpected that comes your way.

Visualization – Quite simply, visualize yourself performing, whether singing or playing an instrument, in your mind. You might even imagine different scenarios and how you’ll handle them. You’ll be surprised how effective this exercise can be in calming pre-show jitters.

Physical Ways to Prepare for a Musical Performance

Just as every performer is unique, your pre-show routine will likely be as well. But whatever flair you add, make sure to also prepare for a musical performance physically with:

Training – Warm-ups are necessary, from stretching and relaxing your vocal cords to re-engaging muscle memory when playing an instrument. Many don’t realize how physical performing music can be, so it’s also a good idea to warm up your body with stretches to improve range of motion and flexibility, too. Not to mention it can relax the body!

Dress for it – A big part of any performance is looking the part. From clothes to makeup to hair, make sure you’re “in character” regardless of if you’re the lead in a musical or playing on stage in a band. It will help you feel confident and ready to perform.

Dress rehearsals – There’s simply no better way to get comfortable on the stage and with your performance than to practice it in a manner as close to the real thing as possible. Not just that, it’s an opportunity to iron out any potential issues or correct any mistakes beforehand.

Music Lessons at Expression City

But perhaps the best way to prepare for a musical performance is to hone your craft continually. We offer music lessons for piano, guitar, bass, drums, and voice at Expression City. Our instructors are talented, and many of them are also working professionals with real-life experience in what it takes to be ‘in the business.’ In addition to our range of private music lessons for kids and adults, you’ll also have numerous performances and recording opportunities in as well.

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