How to Make the Most of Your Music Education: Private Lessons vs. Online Classes

When you start looking into music education, you start to realize that the options are overwhelming. We live in a time where we have the world at our fingertips. With one click, we can hit play on “How To Learn Guitar Chords For Beginners” or any other range of valuable information, but how does this size up to private lessons?

The most attractive thing about online music classes is the convenience. Not only are there lots of free options, but you have the ability to easily pull these lessons up in your own home, and even on your phone if you wanted to.

Though online classes offer a wide variety of information and valuable tips, what it does not offer you is personalization. All students learn at different paces and have different struggles. While one student excels in music theory, the other will excel in playing by ear. One on one time with a private teacher will provide instant feedback for each individual’s weak points and be able to customize lessons for these students.

Another thing to consider is motivation. Again, online offers us a lot of flexibility, but that means it gives us the option to “show up” or not. It gives us the option to be lazy. When you have a standing appointment, it keeps you motivated for a few reasons. 1). When you go to your lesson, you have no distractions. You go there for the sole purpose of enhancing your skill. You can’t go there and then half way through realize that you missed an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. 2). In a private lesson, you are also trying to improve not only for yourself, but your instructor. You have someone that you want to make proud and someone who you seek praise from.

What is your experience with online vs. private lessons? How do you compare the two? If you are looking to enhance your current skills or develop new ones,  we do offer private lessons for guitar, piano, voice, violin, and drums.