How To Host An Aerial Skills Party

Take your next birthday, bachelorette, girls’ night out, or corporate event to new heights with an aerial silks party. What are aerial silks? If you’ve seen circus-style performances like Cirque du Soleil® with aerialists who use fabrics to climb, wrap, suspend, drop and swing through the air, you’ve enjoyed the art form of aerial silks. Aerial silks performances are stunning to watch. But the best part is, anyone can learn to do it — making it a perfect party activity.

History of Aerial Silks

Before you learn the skill of aerial silks, here’s a bit about its history. Aerial silks are a relatively new art form that came about in the 1990s. However, their popularity as a hobby and for fitness has increased dramatically in the last decade. Using aerial silks, one or more aerialists perform acrobatics while hanging from a fabric which may be in two pieces or one piece folded into a loop. Aerialists typically rely on their own strength, training, and skills instead of accompanying safety lines, but the appropriate hanging of aerial silks, known as rigging, is crucial for safety.

Aerial Silks Party Ideas

When it comes to booking an aerial silks party through Expression City, you have plenty of options. You can host a party in our Nashville Circus Center or book live performers at the nearby location of your choice. No experience is necessary! Our in-house parties are two hours in length and include ten guests.

  • 2 hrs: 1.5 hrs circus & .5 hr. party room = $300
  • 2 hrs: 2 hrs circus & no party room = $350
  • Call for pricing for more than ten guests

Celebrating a birthday or a noteworthy accomplishment? You’re welcome to bring a cake and exchange or open gifts here.

How to Hire Arial Silks Performers

Make your event a showstopper with live entertainment from Nashville Circus Center. Our experienced performers are sure to entertain and amaze. Details and pricing are available upon request.

Why Expression City

We’re members of American Circus Educators and the American Youth Circus Organization, and we are so passionate about circus arts that we created a dedicated space in the Expression City studio for our Nashville Circus Center. Some of our instructors are professional circus artists from Beyond Wings Circus. Plus, all of our circus instructors are certified, which means they’ve taken safety and rigging courses so you can have peace of mind about your guests’ aerial silks party experience.

With live entertainment from Nashville Circus Center performing with aerial silks at your area party location, your party will be a surefire hit! To learn more, contact us at 615-678-4739 or book HERE.