How Aerial Arts Classes Can Help You Soar

The evolution of circus is a beautiful thing in which aerial arts, with its high-flying and awe-inducing performances, is a big part. Although it requires skill and technique, we’ll let you in on a secret: you can learn it too! We offer aerial arts classes for children and adults, beginner to advanced. Find out more about the thrill, the fun, and the benefits of aerial arts.

Understanding Aerial Arts 

The physical movement in aerial arts is dance-like and/or acrobatic in nature and performed while suspended in the air. It involves the use of apparatuses that hang down from a rig point. Some of the most common are:

Aerial silks – Fabrics that may be in two pieces or one piece folded into a loop that aerialists use to climb, wrap, suspend, drop and swing through the air.

Aerial hoop – Also known as Lyra, this circular steel apparatus is suspended from the ceiling as aerialists perform acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.

Aerial sling – Essentially a swing made of fabric that works as a hammock in which the aerialist gets in to performs various poses and drops.

Aerial straps – Two narrow bands made of close-woven material fastened to a truss. Wrapping the strap ends around hands and wrists, the aerialist performs holds, twists, rolls, and maneuvers.

Trapeze – A small round bar suspended by ropes or metal straps from the truss. It can be used static, swinging, or flying and performed solo, double trapeze, triple trapeze, or as a group activity.

Benefits of Aerial Arts

We have students of all ages and at all skill levels, so whether your interest is for exercise, for fun, or even to become a professional aerialist, the benefits of aerial arts include:

  • Building upper body and core strength
  • Increasing your flexibility and control
  • Enhancing grace and stamina
  • Challenging yourself
  • Gaining confidence and trust in yourself

The aerial arts also give you an outlet to express yourself and explore your creativity in new ways!

Aerial Arts Classes at Expression City

In our classes, you’ll learn fundamentals, proper body positioning, aerial techniques, and conditioning at increasingly advances levels. These group aerial arts classes are available, and no experience is necessary for introduction classes.


  • Aerial Intro 
  • Aerial Silks 1, 2, 2+, 3 
  • Aerial Sling Intro, 1, 2 
  • Lyra Intro, 1 
  • Straps Intro 


  • Aerial Intro 
  • Aerial Silks 1, 2, 3, 4 
  • Aerial Sling Intro, 1, 2, 3
  • Lyra Intro, 1, 2, 3
  • Straps Intro 
  • Trapeze Intro, 1,2 

We also offer private lessons in aerial silks, aerial sling, Lyra, trapeze, and aerial straps.

What Makes Aerial Arts at Expression City Different?

We’re so passionate about circus that we created a dedicated space in the studio for our Nashville Circus Center. We’re also members of American Circus Educators and the American Youth Circus Organization. Not only do we offer a supportive and engaging environment, but some of our instructors are also professional circus artists from Beyond Wings Circus. The fact that they teach and train here speaks to the quality of our studio and program. 

Here’s what two of our instructors have to say: 

“The best feeling in the world is seeing my students climb to the top of the silks for the first time. Aerial Silks is great conditioning, and it’s fun! You’ll see muscles in your arms and abs you never knew you had. Get yourself (or your kid) to a class! You won’t regret it!”
Ileen Gruchot, Aerial Silks Instructor

“I train here too for aerial! It’s such a supportive community, and I appreciate that all aerial instructors are certified. It gives me peace of mind.”
Meredith Combs, Dance & Aerial Instructor

For more details on Expression City’s aerial arts classes, check out our Class Registration Schedule today!