6 Ways Private Voice Lessons Benefit More Than Your Singing

A note about voice lessons: they aren’t just for aspiring singers! Yes, they can help you to sound better, have more control, and achieve that bigger range, but these lessons also offer benefits that you might not expect – not to mention they are so much fun! Let’s count the ways kids and adults are singing the praises of private voice lessons that have nothing to do with music.

  1. Improved Brain Function – Singing allows more oxygen to circulate through your system, improving concentration and mental alertness. You may not realize that the act of singing also stimulates the same areas of the brain that are used for understanding spatial relationships, mathematics, and reading.
  2. It’s a Great Workout – Yes, you read that right. Singing with proper technique works your lungs which can improve your diaphragm’s strength, and as mentioned above, can increase circulation, which is a key component in exercise.
  3. Better Sleep – Your throat and palate muscles are also strengthened by singing which can improve snoring or problems associated with sleep apnea, thereby helping you get a better night’s sleep. Getting proper rest has numerous proven health benefits.
  4. Improved Confidence – One of the biggest fears for kids and adults is speaking in front of people. But we all have to do it at some point, whether in school or in our career, even if we’re not performers. Private voice lessons are a way to build your confidence in this area.
  5. Improved Posture – Your posture says so much about you, yet far too many people slump and don’t even realize the negative effects. Singing helps you learn the value of holding your head high, and in doing so, you’ll have more power in your voice and increased lung capacity. Not to mention less back pain and aches as you get older!
  6. Reduced Stress – Music is good for the soul and the mood, which is why we all love to sing along to our favorite tunes. Now you’ll be able to do so in tune! The breathing exercises you’ll learn can also help with stress. Plus, any positive outlet in which you can express your emotions helps overcome stress and anxiety.

Private Voice Lessons at Expression City

Our instructors are gifted, caring, and many of them are working professionals with real-life experience in what it takes to be ‘in the business.’ In addition to our range of private voice lessons for kids and adults, we also offer performance and recording opportunities.

And don’t worry if you’re a beginner, as our students range from those just starting to seasoned vocalists. In addition to voice lessons, you’ll also learn stage presence and showmanship across different genres and vocal styles, including pop, jazz, and musical theater.

Choose from single or weekly, one-on-one instruction in 30-minute or one-hour sessions. Various time slots are also available. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule private music lessons!