6 Considerations When Choosing an Acting School for Your Child

There aren’t many things that affect your child’s potential as an actor more than their acting school. Yes, raw talent and drive are important – natural charisma doesn’t hurt either – but there’s much more that goes into acting than you may think. To help them truly master their craft, here’s what to consider when choosing an acting school.

Acting School Reputation

You certainly don’t want to trust your child or your hard-earned money to a fly-by-night acting school, so make sure the schools you consider have stellar reputations. If you happen to know any local agents or working actors yourself, ask them which schools in Nashville, TN, that they would recommend. Also, check with neighbors and friends whose children are in the arts to see if they have recommendations. Once you have a list, learn more about each acting school, check online reviews, and even ask the schools directly for references too!

Focus on Young Performers

Helping budding actors to grow requires a much different approach than with adults. The experience should be rewarding professionally and personally. We make sure our teachers are relatable, respectful, and dedicated to instilling confidence, empowering self-expression, encouraging creativity, and teaching communication skills, discipline, and teamwork. We want our students to thrive not only in acting but also in life! Ask the acting schools on your shortlist if you can observe a class to get a feel for their expertise.

Real-World Experience

Acting is a tough business, and there are no better teachers than those who’ve experienced it in real life. So, it’s important to make sure your acting school teachers are working actors knowledgeable in both the art and the business of the industry. Our teachers understand what it takes to get in the door (and stay there) and teach the mix of confidence, preparation, technique, and performance skills to help your child stand out in auditions or performances. Plus, they exemplify the resiliency and discipline it takes to succeed ‘in the business.”

Acting Methods

If any of the acting schools you’re considering hang their hat on one method, you may want to think twice. Your child needs to learn different techniques to become familiar with both the practical and traditional aspects of acting. They must also experience how to embody the spirit and personalities of characters in a variety of roles. This helps them to be as well-rounded as possible and is why our acting school provides ample opportunity to experiment with acting methods that include the Stanislavski System, Method Acting, and the Meisner Technique.

Performance Opportunities

Teachers can instruct all they want, but it’s the performance where it all comes together. Ask the acting schools you’re considering what performance opportunities will be available for your child. Students at Expression City have multiple opportunities to perform in our Roy E. Barberi Theatre. They also have exposure to state-of-the-art technology, backline gear, and video to further maximize their learning experience. Plus, they’ll be able to develop a performance reel and professional portfolio.


Any learning environment should be safe and comfortable, but an energizing, non-judgmental, nurturing space is also essential for your child’s acting school. This is where they’ll learn how to access and process emotions in connecting with their characters so they must feel free to be themselves and make mistakes without being torn down. Plus, they’re children so it should be fun! Our acting school was initially created for our own children to provide the playfulness, support, and encouragement all young actors deserve – and is still run by the family today!

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