6 Benefits of Preschool Performing Arts Classes for Your Child

When you think about performing arts classes, most people picture tweens or high schoolers aspiring to the stage or screen. But these classes have tremendous benefits for children as young as preschool age, too. Children learn best when using all of their senses which makes performing arts classes ideal for building a solid foundation of cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills that will help them throughout life. Here’s how:

  1. Better Social Skills – Preschool performing arts classes can help your child learn to interact with others through play, creativity, and shared interests. By learning to make friends and communicate at a young age, they’ll have an easier time in social situations in school and in the workplace later on.
  2. Better Motor Skills – Performing arts classes have physical components like dancing and acrobatics, which help develop young muscles and brains. Children’s motor skills are also improved, and their independence is enhanced.
  3. Increased Vocabulary – By learning lines for a play, creating art, or playing instruments, your child will learn new words and phrases that will build their vocabulary, potentially helping them read and write sooner.
  4. Increased Confidence – Public speaking is a fear for most adults, yet gaining confidence on stage early on through performing arts classes can help your child to be among the few who are natural in front of a crowd.
  5. Creative Thinking – Children are naturally creative, perhaps because their minds are still open and curious. Learning to think in new and different ways will help them succeed as adults. Preschool performing arts classes foster and strengthen that creativity as your child expresses themselves through various art forms.
  6. Teamwork – The ability to work in a team is a crucial life skill, and it’s also one that can be hard to learn as a child. Regardless of the form, in any performing art, there are many components – performers, directors, choreographers, lighting, sound, etc. – that make working together essential for the show to go on. It will become like second nature to your child.

Plus, preschool performing arts classes are so much fun!

Preschool Performing Arts Classes at Expression City

We offer preschool performing arts classes in musical theater and the cirque arts. Here you’ll find experienced instructors, many of whom are working professionals with real-life experience. We truly consider this a home for children across middle Tennessee to grow as artists.

Expression City was created for families just like ours and continues to be run by a family. We’re committed to providing an environment where students can truly be themselves and thrive in their craft with the support and encouragement they deserve. Your child will also have multiple performance opportunities to maximize their learning experience.

Contact us today or register now to learn more about preschool performing arts classes at Expression City.