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Fitness, confidence, self-expression, focus, teamwork, friendship — the benefits of our workshops are as limitless as our class options! With recreational and pre-professional workshops, including in the afternoon and evenings, students are sure to find their fit regardless of their age or experience level.

Traveling Rings with Sam Tribble

All Levels
Traveling Rings are a fun and inviting activity for all ages and have recently been integrated into the performing arts world with great reviews. Students will begin by experiencing 3 primary body positions: Hang, Peach basket and Inverted Hang. Aerialist will then learn primary movement patterns on the Traveling rings essential for timing and coordinating with others: conning, pendulum swing from ground to aerial. Next we will learn techniques for mastering basic travel from one ring to the next in the pendulum. As students advance, we will incorporate alternative body positions in conjunction with circular and oval swings. Bungee systems and tandem swinging may also be explored on this aerial apparatus. Conditioning the body, flexibility and safety are continually implemented throughout the course.

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Silks Split

Cyr Wheel with Sam Tribble

Beginner Level
Each session will begin with a 10 minute warm up incorporating stretches and body movement that will facilitate learning. Progressive Axis Training (PAT) technique will be explained and students will learn how to manipulate the Wheel in all three plans of movement in addition to understanding how to perpetuate momentum in the apparatus. Students will also be taught progression and safety considerations for the art of Cyr Wheel. After the initial warm-up, students will spend 20 minutes learning basic wheel manipulation for safety with the focus of finding control and predictability of their apparatus. The remainder of the class will be spent in and out of the wheel learning two basic techniques for “spinning” inside the wheel. An emphasis will be placed on learning various techniques for initiating the “waltz.” Creative movement and individual styles of expression with the Cyr wheel will also be explored.

Cyr Wheel Instructor Certification with Sam Tribble

Progressive Axis Training™ is a systematic approach to learning and teaching the performance art of Cyr wheel.

The PAT technique™ was developed by former elite gymnast and performing Cyr artist Sam Tribble. Sam unanimously became the 1st USA Worlds Team Coach for Cyr as his company members both male and female, dominated the worlds team spots in 2013 and 2015.

Progressive Axis Training™ is a unique and effective teaching model that keeps basic health and fitness at its root by developing balance and symmetry at the onset of learning. First it systematically introduces starting positions which are gateways to learning higher level skills. Second it integrates a comprehensive set of wheel manipulations cohesively throughout each session. Third it identifies center of balance in a “home” position then defines both “long and short” axis of the two types of basic steps and continues to implement this methodology to advance skills. By identifying these reference points athletes learn to seamlessly accomplish whole movements in days or even hours which at one point was expected to take months and years. Fourth PAT technique is rooted in the laws of physics which dictate bodies in motion, angular momentum, centripetal energy, centrifugal force and conservation of energy while integrating physics and biomechanics to help guide our natural tendencies towards successful movements.

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