Preschool Program Mini’s Express is Here!

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Preschool Program Mini’s Express is Here!

We are thrilled to announce our new preschool program called Mini’s Express!

Does your child love to play make-believe, tell stories, sing, and dance? Every Monday and/or Wednesday from 9:00 -12:00 your preschool child can go on an imaginary journey to a make-believe land in a safe and encouraging environment.*

Watch your child flourish as they learn to go beyond learning skills to expressing a personal voice.

Each week, Mini’s Express preschool students will take part in several unique classes—Story Theatre, Mini Musicians, and Creative Movement.

In Story Theatre, your child will combine the roles of storyteller and character to create their own dramatic interpretations of stories, myths, folktales, legends, and their own original stories. Students will learn creative thinking, improvisational skills, and collaboration.

In Mini Musicians, your child will sing their way through class while being introduced to a variety of instruments and music styles. They’ll develop listening skills and learn music theory through fun and games.

In Creative Movement, your child will develop large motor skills while learning the basics of dance and tumbling. Watch their self-confidence soar as they learn body awareness, practice following directions, and develop rhythm.

Mini’s Express preschool program offers special bonuses, such as themes, fun sticker charts, activity sheets, certificates, and culminates each year in a performance for friends and family, where your child can proudly share the many things they have learned in Expression City’s Mini’s Express Program.

You may visit HERE to learn more or you may visit HERE to enroll online.

*We have security cameras in the rooms, and our teachers are fingerprint background checked.

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