3 Easy Ways to Ensure a Great Audition


3 Easy Ways to Ensure a Great Audition

As parents, we want our children to be successful. In theatre, that may mean getting cast in a favorite show or in a certain role. But when kids realize they have to go through the audition experience to get there, nerves sometimes get the best of them. What can we do to help our children through the process? I’ve come up with three areas on which to focus when getting ready for an audition.



For what show are you auditioning? Do your research. Get to know the story, and if possible, watch it on YouTube. Understand the character for which you are auditioning.


Find out what you need to prepare. Do they want you to memorize a monologue? Will you be singing? Dancing? Make sure your choices highlight your range and strengths. Monologues should never be longer than one minute, and songs should be 16-32 bars.

Tote bag

Get your things together the day before the audition. You’ll want to bring an extra outfit in case of an emergency. If you’ll be dancing, make sure to bring suitable clothing and shoes. Pack a hairbrush, some make-up essentials, and if you’re coming from school, take a toothbrush as well. You’ll also need to take a professional head shot and a resume, but I’ll go over those in another post as there’s lots to know.



Find out the location before audition day. Drive over there a few days before if you have time. At the very least, map out the directions and make sure you’re comfortable finding your way around the area.


When you schedule your audition, make sure you get all the details you’ll need, including the audition time and the length of the audition. Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Nothing is worse than getting caught in traffic and then showing up late and stressed out. Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early, preferably 30. If your audition is at 7:00 pm and you arrive at 7:00 pm, you’re late.



Your first impression will go a long way. Before you go in, take a deep breath to calm your nerves. Always walk in with a smile and introduce yourself. Stand up straight, speak up clearly, and act confident.

No Excuses

If you have a bad audition (it happens) never ever make excuses to the director. Use it as a learning experience and ask yourself what you can do differently next time to make it better. If your skills need polishing, take some acting classes and get professional feedback.

Good Attitude

As you leave, say thank you and hold your head high. Know that you have done your best and be excited for what the future holds.

I’ve given you three easy ways to ensure a great audition, but here is my biggest tip: The best way to get better at auditioning is to keep auditioning. It might take a lot of no’s before you get a yes. Realize it’s all part of the process and learn from each experience.

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