Six Surprising Things You’ll Learn at Circus School

Six Surprising Things You’ll Learn at Circus School

Circus school isn’t all fun and games! You’ll actually learn really important lessons between the tumbling, acrobatics, meeting new friends and playing games. Check out some of the surprising things you could learn by attending our circus school in Nashville!

How to fall.

Whether you are walking on stilts or spinning on the aerial trapeze, it’s important to know the best way to fall so you can pick yourself back up. Our circus school instructors know the importance of falling correctly in order to reduce the risk of injuries. Once you learn how to fall without hurting yourself, it makes the performer braver about their skills. That’s why learning how to fall is one of the first lessons taught in many of our classes!

How to dance on the air.

If you’ve ever watched someone on aerial fabric, loops, or a cloud swing, you know how magical it can be when it’s done correctly. With enough skill, spinning and moving on a piece of fabric suspended from the ceiling can look like you are dancing on the air. It’s great for flexibility and full-body strength conditioning, too. Plus, it’s as fun to perform as it is magical to watch!

How to work as a team.

Circus school is all about working as a team. Many of the skills that we teach in our circus classes involve working with a partner. Even for arts that seem solo, like the aerial fabric or trapeze, you need to work with a partner to ensure you are safe. It’s all about building trust with another person and knowing that they are there when you need them just like you are there for them. That’s the kind of lesson you can carry with you outside the classroom walls, too!


4,000-year-old artforms.

The circus has been around for a long, long time! Many of the art forms that are used in the circus for entertainment are thousands of years old. One incredible skill that we teach in our Nashville circus school is the Chinese Yo-Yo. This circus school standard has been around for more than 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest art forms that we teach in our school. You’ll quickly catch on to the basics but find that maximizing the potential of the Chinese Yo-Yo is limitless.

Performance with confidence.

We encourage our circus school participants to show off their new skills! Once you’ve mastered a skill, you may be invited to perform with real circus professionals in one of our events. We love bringing in new people to our circus events and encouraging them to develop their skills for an audience. It’s a boost to your confidence and your circus skill set! Performing in front of a crowd can get you ready for a lifetime of performing in the big tent.

Are you looking for a circus school where you can learn trapeze, aerial fabric, stilt walking, yoyoing and much more? Sign up for one of our circus school classes on our website. We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes soon!

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