How Dance Classes Can Boost a Child’s Academic Performance

How Dance Classes Can Boost a Child’s Academic Performance

One of the classes that have been cut out of many public education curriculums is physical education. Kids are getting less time in the gym and on the playground during the school day in the United States in favor of more time in the classroom. While at first glance this might sound like a good idea, it could actually be hurting our children’s academic performance. More and more studies are being done about increasing the amount of physical activity time children get and the impact that has on their academic performance. Unsurprisingly, children who get more active time at school are often performing better. This includes kids who participate in dance classes outside of school, too.

Why Dance Boost Academic Performance

It helps them stay focused and awake.

Have you ever sat through a boring three-hour meeting? How focused and awake were you by the end of it? You probably felt like you needed to sit down and take a nap. That’s how kids feel after three hours in the classroom without a break, too. They need to move to stay awake, refresh themselves, and maintain their focus for longer periods of time.


It appeals to non-visual learners.

Not everyone learns best from looking at a blackboard! Many students are kinesthetic learners. This means they learn best by doing a physical activity, such as doing something themselves instead of watching it being done. For kinesthetic learners, dance can help reinforce their lessons and re-engage their brain.

It gives kids a chance to be creative.

Creativity is a great thing! Dance is creative and gives children the chance to exercise their creativity in a safe and healthy way. Practicing their creativity can help kids learn to be better problem solvers and find new solutions to obstacles. The more opportunities children have to be creative the stronger their creativity skills will become.

It decreases sick days.

Obesity is a huge problem in the United States, including for our children. Giving them an opportunity to move more and find physical activities that they love to do is a great way to encourage them to be healthier. That can decrease the number of days they miss school due to illness or injury, giving them more time in the classroom.

It can build their confidence.

Some children struggle with their academics simply because they lack confidence in their skills and abilities. Dance can increase their confidence in themselves, giving them the boost they need to believe in themselves and take risks.

Would Like to Help Your ChildĀ Improve in School?

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