Valuable Lessons Learned in Our Improv Classes

Valuable Lessons Learned in Our Improv Classes

One of the lessons we often introduce during the classes in our acting school in Nashville is improv. Improv, short for improvisation, involves our students acting out scenes and dialogue that hasn’t been written, scripted, or rehearsed. It’s all “off the cuff,” requiring them to think quickly and respond to their fellow actors as well as suggestions from the teacher or potentially even an audience member. Many people are familiar with improv thanks to groups like Second City in Chicago and Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. Many famous comedians have come out of improv groups like these, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Wayne Brady, and Steve Carell.

Improv isn’t just a launching pad for a big comedy career, though. A lot of people–kids and adults alike–take improv because of the valuable life lessons it can teach them. We’ve seen it first hand in our acting school and know the difference it can make in someone’s life.

CTA-LearnImprovSkillsWhat Can You Learn from Improv?

How to fully commit.

Improv requires you to fully commit to the scene and your partner. Once someone has made a choice in an improv scene, there is no going back. You learn how to work with what you have and commit to making it work.

How to really listen.

Improv is all about listening to your scene partners. There is almost no chance they are going to say what you think they are going to say, so you have to listen to them so you can react. Your listening skills will be better than ever.

How to ditch negativity.

You can’t say no in improv. Instead, you say “yes, and…” in order to build onto what the other person said. So even if they throw you a real curveball in the scene, you jump in, keep it positive, and build on it. It helps you find better ideas in the end.

How to be brave.

Improv isn’t for the faint at heart, but it is for everyone. That’s because improv will teach you to be brave, not care what other people think about you, and learn that it’s okay to look silly if you are having fun. The confidence boost is amazing!

How to work with mistakes.

There are no mistakes in improv, just opportunities. If someone says something weird or wrong, that’s just an opportunity to build a joke. Improv teaches you to roll with what happens and make it even bigger and better.

Ready to Sign Your Child Up for an Acting Class?

All of these lessons translate to life outside the classroom of our acting school, too! Children who take our acting classes in Nashville carry these important lessons throughout their life, giving them the confidence to take on difficult situations at school and beyond. If you think your child could benefit from lessons like these, we’d love to see them in one of our classes! Just check out the schedule and sign them up for a session with Expression City today.

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