The 6 C’s of Studying the Arts

The 6 C’s of Studying the Arts

Recently, schools are all about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). This makes sense, as these subjects can endow children with a variety of useful skills that will serve them in the future, especially as technology becomes increasingly prevalent. However, art and other humanities have gotten lost in the shuffle, often to the detriment of the children. Studying the arts can provide children with a variety of benefits and skills that will also help them later in life. In this blog, we will go six essential skills that you child can learn when you enroll them in art lessons at Expression City in Nashville, TN.


Enhancing creativity is one of the best benefits art lessons offer your child. When your child is more creative, they are more ready to think on their feet and outside the box, setting them apart from the herd. When studying the arts, children must learn how to think creatively within the perimeters of their art assignments. Whether they are painting something that represents a memory or learning how to draw an interesting subject in a certain style of art, there are many ways that taking art lessons improves creativity to the benefit of your child. Additionally, even if your child is not taking art lessons specifically, they can exercise creativity within other creative practices as well. For example, within acting classes, they can practice different ways to perform a particular monologue, and improvisation is a big part of any of our acting classes. Regardless of the art, when a child studies it, they become more creative.


Confidence is a quality that is universally helpful, regardless of how you apply it. When you enroll your child in a class at Expression City, whether it is acting, dance, or art, they will learn to become more confident. From practicing their visual art skills to performing in front of a crowd, there are ample opportunities for your child to become more confident through studying the arts. They will be allowed to make mistakes and get out of their comfort zones within the safe space of class, which then lets them go out into the world with more confidence in their abilities.


These days, it is incredibly difficult for children to focus. The world is filled with constant distractions, making it harder than ever for kids to naturally develop the ability to concentrate. Being able to focus is an integral part of success in any project, so it is imperative to prioritize developing this skill within your child. In the arts, children must focus because they play one role in a larger picture. Whether they are taking part of a drama production or participating in an art class, they must focus on contributing their part, as well as listening to others. This theory is backed by recent research, which found that children who participated in the arts had more ability to focus and concentrate in all aspects of their lives than their peers.


Being a good communicator makes life easier professionally, academically, and personally. When your child participates in the arts, they learn new communication skills they may never have received otherwise. For example, in theater, children learn a lot about non-verbal communication. They must study how body language conveys emotion, and they experiment with different ways of moving. They must embody a character, so they have to learn about non-verbal communication. Additionally, participating in an art class exposes your child to other kids and teachers whom they never would have met in another context. Learning to communicate with a more diverse range of people will help your child improve their overall communication.


Whether your child is taking art lessons or dance classes, within the arts, most work is done collaboratively. By participating in the arts, your child must learn how to compromise, share responsibility, and work as a team towards a unifying goal. From performing a music instrument in a group setting to performing a play on stage, nearly all efforts in the arts require working with others. The sooner your child learns how to work collaboratively, the better they will be at working with others, ensuring their success in a wide variety of fields.


In order to take one of our classes at Expression City, your child must commit to coming back again and again. Whether they are painting a masterpiece or working on a monologue, children learn through studying the arts that they must continue to be dedicated to a project in order to see it through to completion. They understand that they must contribute and commit themselves to their art in order for the entire group to be successful. When your child commits to the arts, they learn valuable skills about seeing things through.

At Expression City, we love teaching children these valuable skills through our dance, music, acting, and art lessons. View our schedule to find a class that works for your schedule here!

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